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This article provides help for Cdiscount sellers on how to optimize shipping and utilize the Price Adjustment feature. Optimizing shipping rates and product prices will attract more views, clicks and sales.

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First of all, once your store is set up within both your Cdiscount & Webinterpret accounts, you'll manage updates and changes via your Webinterpret Dashboard.

Shipping optimization

When adding Shipping costs and times, please be aware that Buyers will often consider these factors as key when selecting which store to purchase from. Those with Shipping times that are shorter than others, and costs that are lower, will more likely be attractive to International buyers. 

Please be aware that the Shipping costs and options selected, are for your entire synchronized inventory, and are not customizable dependent on aspects like weight or size, so please ensure the rates provided are manageable for the inventory available.

To manage your Shipping costs and profiles appropriately, you can also select an inventory price increase to ensure your stores profitably when operating Internationally.

For example, if you wished to offer Free Shipping, you can include an inventory price adjustment so the Shipping cost itself is included in the overall cost, whilst still appealing to Buyers who wish to have free Shipping available.

When registering your account, we provide 4 Shipping options. These are classified as follows (please note that time is measured in Business days, not Calendar days):

  • Tracked - Trackable but no signature required upon delivery (1-3 Days)
  • Registered - Trackable but will require signature upon delivery (1-3 Days)
  • Express - Trackable and with quick delivery (2 Days)
  • Standard - No tracking required/available, only available up to a maximum value of 10€ (2-4 Days)

Tracked and Registered are the default available options as these are mandatory for Cdiscount. To enable Express and Standard shipping, you will need to ensure these are also enabled within your Cdiscount account itself. Settings made within your Webinterpret Dashboard that are not enabled within your Cdiscount profile can result in offers being rejected for listing. To enable the appropriate Shipping methods within your Cdiscount account, go here.

We recommend ensuring that your Shipping costs are competitive and manageable as soon as your account is to go live. However, changes can be made as you monitor the store and sales performance.

Price Adjustment optimization

As with Shipping, Price Adjustment is available from the initial synchronization and set-up of your account. 

As with Shipping price adjustment is set-up within your Dashboard and is applicable for your entire synchronized inventory, and as of now there are no custom profiles available for individual products. 

To optimize the usage of your Price adjustment feature, we make it available as a % or as a value, and also can be set as a deduction or an increase. Therefore please be aware that any adjustments need to ensure your products remain attractive and competitive in the marketplace.

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