Cdiscount - how to set up your account via Webinterpret

This article will show you how to set-up your new Cdiscount profile within your Webinterpret Dashboard. These steps are for those with a Cdiscount profile already set-up within a Cdiscount account itself (if you do not have an existing Cdiscount account, check out this article on how to set one up)

Topics in this article:

Setting up your account - instructions

Step one is synchronizing your inventory, as of now this works with your existing Amazon account, so once you logged into your Dashboard and selected Cdiscount from the platform menu, you will get the prompt to connect your Amazon account:


Step two is ensuring we can synchronize your Cdiscount account via your API Login and Password which you have set-up within your Cdiscount account profile (clarification is provided here).


Step three is ensuring you have Shipping policies in place for Webinterpret to synchronize. The options provided within your Dashboard will be as follows (please note that time is measured in Business days, not Calendar days):

  • Tracked - Trackable but no signature required upon delivery (1-3 Days)
  • Registered - Trackable but will require signature upon delivery (1-3 Days)
  • Express - Trackable and with quick delivery (2 Days)
  • Standard - No tracking required/available, only available up to a maximum value of 10€ (2-4 Days)

Tracked and Registered are the default available options as these are mandatory for Cdiscount. To enable Express and Standard shipping, you will need to ensure these are also enabled within your Cdiscount account itself. Settings made within your Webinterpret Dashboard that are not enabled within your Cdiscount profile can result in offers being rejected for listing. To enable the appropriate Shipping methods within your Cdiscount account, go here.



Price adjustment is available as a value and %, along with utilizing it as a deduction or increase. Therefore please be aware that any adjustments need to ensure your products remain attractive and competitive in the marketplace.


Shipping settings including Price adjustments and the number of Shipping options available, can be edited and updated directly from you Dashboard when required.

For a more thorough clarification on Shipping and Price optimization, we have this article available for recommending account optimization.

If you are not currently part of the Cdiscount program (or wish to find out more about our eBay, Amazon or Promoted listings features) or would simply like more information, please contact us here.

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