How to set up your API credentials to synchronize your Cdiscount and Webinterpret accounts

This article provides basic instructions on how to set-up your API credentials to enable synchronization between your Cdiscount account and Webinterpret. Without adding this information, we will not be able to connect your Cdiscount account to our program.

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What is API?

API (Application Programming Interface), is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate.

To enable Webinterpret to synchronize with Cdiscount, you need to add a new user API within your Cdiscount account.

API set up - instructions

Once you're part of the Cdiscount program, simply login to your account, Go to Settings -> User Rights management, and click on Add a new user (this stage is via your Cdiscount account).

To assist with the steps required, here is a short video guide showing you how.

Once you have added the new API user within your Cdiscount settings, you now need to add those settings within your Webinterpret Dashboard. 

Within your Webinterpret Dashboard, select the Start Now within the Cdiscount tab and you will then be prompted to add your API information (as shown below):



Finally, here below is a short video tutorial on adding the API information via your Webinterpret Dashboard (as per the screenshots provided above)


For general User Rights and management of secondary accounts within Cdiscount, access is available here.

If you are not currently part of our Program, or wish to diversify to include other offers available, such as Cdiscount, Amazon, or eBay Promoted listings, please reach out to our Sales Team to see what we can offer.

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