eBay Promotion - Hong Kong & Singapore

This article details the new promotion for Sellers to list items in both Hong Kong & Singapore. The promotion involves insertion fee listings and provides selected stores an opportunity to boost International Sales on two lucrative marketplaces.

For a select group of eBay Sellers, Webinterpret are offering a promotion whereas we offer a number of insertion free listings on eBay Hong Kong & Singapore.

This applies to sellers subscribed to Webinterpret's Pro-Seller & Pay as you Go plans and only listings that are eligible for sale to these markets and include International Shipping will be selected.

Both these locations, previously unavailable, offer a great opportunity to localize your sales in highly lucrative markets.

If eligible you can enable these markets directly within your SUI under Country Usage. Once confirmed you will have access to the following:

Hong Kong: 10'000 Items listed with zero insertion fees

Singapore: Unlimited items with zero insertion fees.

If you are not currently eligible for this offer and wish to upgrade your subscription, please contact our support team.

If you wish to list even more items than available via this offer, again, please contact our Support Team to discuss increasing your listing limits.




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