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International Email Forwarding Service - How Does it Work?

Due to continued feedback from our partners, we now include an Email Forwarding Service as part of our Online Store program.

Simply put, we provide an email management function to ensure effective communication with your Buyers when utilising our service. Primarily this applies to logistics based mailings, such as the inclusion of our domestic hub address in the order confirmation mail. Buyers can assume that there is an error in the final destination address, and contact our partners (or Webinterpret) to ''fix'' this error.

As part of this Email Forwarding Service, we aim to provide a more streamlined and effective customer experience, which will decrease/remove the instance highlighted above along with unnecessary carrier/courier notifications once deliveries are within the destination country. 

How Does it Function?

We create an email alias for every international order processed through the Parcel Forwarding service. Communications related to international orders will be sent to this email alias. Shipping notifications that are not relevant for international buyers will be filtered, while other email communications will continue as standard.

Please be assured that no filter is or will be applied to marketing emails, promotional messages and other important notifications. Emails to domestic buyers will also not be impacted, only irrelevant shipping notifications related to international orders will be filtered.

If you do not wish to make use of the benefits included within the Email Forwarding Service, please contact our Customer Support Team and we will arrange an opting out of the feature for you.

If you are considering cancelling your Online Store program overall, we strongly recommend you review the cancellation process here, and then request removal from the service via our Customer Support Team.



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