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Increasing International Traffic & Sales - Google Shopping Ad's and SEO

At Webinterpret, our goal is to increase our customers' international sales. As a consequence, we solely focus on the international part of your business, through increasing visitors and ultimately sales/conversions (all this with absolutely minimal amendments required to your .com or site(s), for example, a country selector drop down can be added to ensure a smooth customer experience and add easy site navigation for your international buyers).

With the help of our technology called Localization Proxy, we create international versions of your domestic website(s). International buyers are geo-localized based on their IP addresses and served international versions of the site.

The international sites are fully translated using our proprietary e-commerce oriented translation algorithm, and show prices in the currencies that are used in the target markets (EUR for the EU, CHF for Switzerland etc.)

The sites will use the address of our product domain name Therefore, if your website is, our French international version would have the URL address of the following:

To comply with all required authenticity,  a ''hreflang'' tag is added to confirm to Google that this is not duplicated content (supported by the country selector mentioned above that is utilized for the same purpose).

In addition we also implement ''hreflang'' tags that help Google crawlers understand that our locales are targeted at specified countries. It also allows the avoiding of duplicate content issues for locales that use the same content language such as UK, US, AU (English) or FR, BE (French).

Whatever SEO elements you have applied to the UK or .COM site(s) (metatags, sitemaps) will be replicated onto the international sites and translated. We also localize all website pages such as landing pages you have created specifically for SEO purposes.

Those sites that include significant amounts of high quality content (such as blog posts etc) are increasing the amount of international traffic with this service, literally from day one of implementation.

The major benefit for all our Sellers using this solution, is that you do not need to do anything as far as the international aspects are concerned.

Any and all improvements applied to your domestic site(s) will have a significant impact globally, as the international sites will effect and implement those improvements also.

If you are not currently benefiting from our Google Shopping Ad's solution, and wish to find out more, please check our Google Shopping and Sign-Up:


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