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How Can I Cancel My Online Store Program?

If you no longer wish to participate in our Online Store Program, please ensure you contact our Customer Care Team directly.

Please ensure you do not remove the Plug-in connectivity prior to contacting us as to do so may result in a negative impact related to International SEO positioning.

Once confirmed, your exit from the Online Store Program will result in the following:

  • International sites created as part of our Service, will no longer be maintained
  • Redirection of Traffic from domestic store(s) to International versions will no longer function
  • Parcel Forwarding via Hub services to International Markets will no longer be available
  • Access to the Email Forwarding Service will no longer be available

In relation to the final bullet point above, due to the inherent function of the Email Forwarding Service and its use of Alias(es), it is important that the process (at point of cancellation of service) is discontinued appropriately.

As the function of the Email Forwarding Service is to utilise ''email alias(es)'', we stipulate the following as contained within the Programs Terms of Service:

''In case you wish to terminate or cancel membership of this program and therefore cease communication being processed by Webinterpret, we guarantee that e-mail addresses of buyers (alias addresses) will be active for thirty (30) calendar days post notice of cancellation''

To ensure all appropriate action is taken to correctly manage your exit from the program, and minimize any impact to the above (primarily SEO and Email Services provided), we again stress that contacting our Customer Care Team is an essential part of this exit process.


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