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Converting my Google Merchant Center into a Multi-Client Account (MCA)

When launching on our Google Shopping program, there are specific steps required to get started. One of these is to convert your Google Merchant Center into a Multi-Client Account or MCA. 

First of all, the process in converting your Google Merchant Center into an MCA depends on the current configuration and whether it's set up as a standard single Merchant Center account, a Sub-Account under your Agency's MCA or using a CSS. 

Below we provide instructions for each of the required set-ups: 

Configuring a Google Merchant Center account for Multi-Client Account

As your set-up with a Regular single Merchant Center account, simply follow the steps listed below:

1: Make the Request to set-up a Multi-Client Account via this link. Please note the email address provided on the request should be the address associated and attached to your Google Merchant Center.

As part of this request, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your current Merchant Center Account ID
  • Google Ads Customer ID
  • State that you are a retailer with multiple domains
  • Provide the URL to your domestic store

2: Once Google converts your account to an MCA, please click this link to connect our app. The process once this is complete is performed automatically (Please allow Google 1-3 days to confirm and approve your request.

Configuring when the Google Merchant Center is a sub-account under your agency's MCA:

In the case that the Google Merchant Center is under your agency's MCS, the agency itself needs to contact Google and request the sub-account to be:

1) Converted back to a regular account
2) Converted to an MCA (in its own right)

As a result you will then have a regular MCA (that can be connected to us by clicking the button) all the while you can still grant access to the domestic sub-account for agency staff to continue management of your domestic feeds.

Configuring when the Merchant Center was created using a CSS 

1) Create a new Google Merchant Center with a domestic feed containing all products
2) You do not need to claim the website URL from this Google Merchant Center but you still have to provide it in the domestic sub-account "Business information → Website" section
3) Convert the newly-created Google Merchant Center into an MCA following the process explained in the above paragraph (Configuring a Google Merchant Center account for Multi-Client Account)
4) Once complete we will connect to this new MCA and manage the international feeds from there

If you require assistance with the above instructions or need further clarification, please reach out to our Sales & Onboarding team.




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