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How to find Order ID's from Customers in my Magento Backend

For Online Stores Sellers using Magento, order confirmation/reference numbers sent to Buyers, are likely to differ from those within your Magento backend. This is as a result of the API connection and store(s) set-up. 

To enable Magento Sellers to locate their Buyers orders when the confirmation numbers are not listed in your Magento backend, we have a simple URL edit that will find the order with the Webinterpret reference.

In the first instance, when an order is placed, you are forwarded an individual order number to your Magento backend, and likewise your Buyer is sent confirmation of a Webinterpret Parcel Forwarding order number (as above due to API set-up, these numbers are not the same).

The examples provided in the images below, show the Seller order number as 100000210, and the Seller provided order number is 188.

Simply take the order number provided by the Buyer, open any order within your account, and add into  the URL position highlighted in the images below:

As shown here, the URL shown (when opening any order from your Magento account) will include the order number sent to a Buyer (Order 189 as shown):


Once any order is opened, simply amend the URL to include the order number provided by the specific Buyer (Order number 188 as shown)


In utilising this simple workaround, Magento users are easily able to assist their Customers if they request order information directly.



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