30 Day Free Trial - Everything You Need to Know FAQ

This articles gives a basic overview of what is offered during your 30 day free trial with Webinterpret. What's included, which eBay sites, insertion fee charges and what to expect.

Interested in the Free 30 Day Trial of the Webinterpret eBay Partnership program?

Below, we provide a full guide and FAQ, to cover everything you need to know:

What Does 30 Day Free Trial Mean?

Free of charge we mean we do not take any commission you make on sales during the 30-day trial period. We also do not charge for related WebInterpret services.

During the free trial period eBay will charge insertion fees for your international listings. The fee level depends on your eBay shop subscription.

What's Included in the Trial?

  • Creating and listing of your best-selling UK listings on the top 6 international eBay sites
  • Listings are translated into the buyer's native language, and optimised for search on eBay international sites. This includes translating titles, descriptions and more
  • Specialized Customer support to help you grow your international business
  • Synchronizing your stocks - all automated and real time
  • Reporting - Monitor Sales Reporting directly

Which eBay sites do you list during the 30-day Free Trial period?

Germany, France, Italy, Spain

Can I Upgrade to a Full Paid Subscription?

Of course, simply contact us via our Webform

What Happens at the Conclusion of the 30 Day Trial?

When the free trial period comes to an end our Sales Experts will schedule a call to discuss how the trial period went and what the next steps are if you wish to continue.

During the trial period our Sales Experts will monitor and analyze your account performance so therefore identifying the optimum paid package to suit you and your store.

What about eBay Insertion Fees if I Wish to Continue with a Full Paid Subscription?

eBay offers three main types of store subscription and, consequently, different charges apply  (also in terms of fees).

To get better insight into general eBay shop subscription fees, please see:

eBay Fees and Shop Subscriptions

What if I Do not wish to Continue after the 30 Day Trial Concludes?

First of all we will be updating you regarding the trial throughout the 30 days, and this includes confirming the trial will be ending, and how to proceed.

If you decide to continue on a Paid WebInterpret Subscription, then we will send a cancellation survey via email. Simply fill out this survey so that we can begin the cancellation process. You can also contact us via our Webform to confirm that you do not wish to continue any program.

To Discuss the 30 Day Free Trial or any of our other subscriptions, please feel free to contact our Sales Experts to book a Demo Call.



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