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How to Configure a Competitive, Accurate Delivery Time?

How the Parcel Forwarding calculations are created and maintained (as below) relies on basic information provided by yourself.

When either implementing the service or wishing to update an already existing service, we simply need the estimated handling time from yourself to our hub, along with the costs you would like to recoup for the service.

At the point of purchase, your customer will see an expected transit time alongside a given delivery option.

Overview - How is the parcel forwarding delivery time calculated in your check-out?

The parcel forwarding transit is composed of both a domestic and international leg.

The domestic leg is defaulted to 5 days, and reflects the transit time from your store/warehouse to the local hub. The international leg is automatically computed based on historic logistical data.

You can set-up your own delivery by summing your handling time and average domestic delivery time.Therefore, simply contact our Customer Care team (via our Webform) with the following basic info:

Handling Time = Represents estimated time from your Store/Warehouse to Local Domestic Hub

Domestic Handling Costs = Represents Cost in sending package(s) to Local Domestic Hub 

Benefits provided by an accurate and cost effective shipping Offer:

Buyers are more likely to see the delivery date on a checkout as a promise, that is why it is so important to calculate it as accurately as possible. The delivery option displayed should be both accurate an realistic.

Our Parcel Forwarding service does all the calculations on your behalf: delivery time includes and consists of both the domestic and international legs. The latter takes into consideration extra processing time during peak season(s), standard transit time agreed with our shipping suppliers, and holidays and weekends in the destination countries.

Once received, we will update and calculate all international shipping times and costs for you. The domestic delivery should dynamically reflect many factors, such as extra processing time required for the products included in any order: fulfilling, dispatch and average delivery time from your warehouse to the nearest international processing hub.

When you start using Parcel Forwarding service we setup a default value for your domestic delivery leg, aka ''Handling Time''. This value is calculated by our operational specialists who observe seller behaviour, specifically the particular country of origin (GB, US or DE). 

It is being consistently and constantly monitored and will be adjusted as analysis is provided.

If you so wish, you can declare your own value for the handling time to positively reflect the delivery time values displayed on checkout page. To do so please contact our customer support and request the desired changes for your account.


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    Simon Cavill

    Having the projected delivery date is one thing, but the actual user experience is completely different.  Your so-called tracking service is truly appalling as the "latest" update can easily be over a week old! 

    It's so awful that almost every one of our customers complains to us that they have no idea where their package is in your system and we have to raise queries in turn with your support team for almost every order.  

    If that was not bad enough, your support team regularly take more than 24 hours to reply to our queries, regularly leaving both us and our customers hanging with no idea what else we can do...


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