Returns & How it works Logistically

Please be aware that Webinterpret support Logistics returns based on circumstances related to failed or unsuccessful deliveries.

This process is entirely separate from your established Consumer Returns Policy for customers unsatisfied or wishing to return products purchased. On the basis of a customer wishing to return a product purchased, Webinterpret is not involved or supporting the logistics return process in these cases.

The shipment costs selected by the Buyer/Purchaser at point of sale includes the cost of of Logistical Returns, therefore international shipping costs and return to sender shipment charges will not not incur additional charges or payments for either Seller or Buyer.

Below, we provide a basic guide in how the process will operate:

The parcel has not reached or been collected the final recipient customer, and therefore it is being automatically returned to you at origin.

This is what is going to happen with your parcel in this process of return to origin:

Day 1-15

Local Logistic return process initiated by final mile courier company

Day 15-45

International return process initiated and package now in Transit to original domestic HUB (Parcel Forwarding Center)

Day 45-50

Received at Hub (Parcel Forwarding Center) in Country of origin and en route to your designated company address


As shown above, we estimate that it can take up to 45 days for the parcel to arrive in our local distribution hub. This is due to low priority shipment process that enables our Shipping program to offer the lowest possible shipping costs.




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