Seller User Interface (SUI) - Your Account Manager

We’re delighted to announce our updated Seller User Interface (SUI) Account manager for eBay & Amazon partners.

Created to offer you significantly more control over your account details, payment management, financial aspects and inventory management.

This update will provide an interface purely designed for self-service, saving you time and enabling consistent, immediate action and control over your own account.

To launch the Seller User Interface view, simply click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Profile.

Let’s have a look at what you can control/update with this new interface:

1: Take Charge - Control essential basic account info such as Login and selected passwords

Want the freedom to change your password any time you wish? Now it can be updated by you, with no need to contact our account team and no delay in making desired changes.

Please be aware that with any login issues related to accessing your SUI such as forgotten passwords, email notifications will be sent to the email address indicated within your Contact Information (this will also apply to notifications related to Token disconnection and any other updates). This may be a different email address than your account email, so when proceeding with any lost credentials process, please check any email account that is registered with us.

Here is what it looks like, and here is how to get there:

2: Financial Management

The new user interface (as you might have worked out already) is all about supplying you with control over your own information. Now this includes Payment Method selection (Direct Debit, Credit Card or PayPal), Financial Information such as Registered Company Name, Address, VAT Number etc. All amended information will be visible on your future invoice. To learn more about changing your selected Payment Method, we have this article on self-service payment management.

Let’s have a look at the preview, and click here to review your Financial Details Profile

3: Manage 3rd Party Tools 

(Please be aware that 3rd Party tool synchronisation is available to eBay partners only) 

Select and amend the 3rd Party tools you use to manage your inventory or synchronise your stocks. Simply select the tool from the drop-down list, or input an alternative product of your own choosing.


To get more info on 3rd Party Tool Selection, and how to ensure consistent support and synchronisation, please see this article which will provide all the info you need.

In managing your 3rd Party Tools, you can do so again from within your Seller User Interface (SUI). 




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