Your Webinterpret Shipping Manager

This article will show you how to set shipping rates, create default and custom shipping profiles and list your items Internationally in a way your buyers will understand. 

Topics in this article:

Webinterpret Shipping Manager - overview

The Shipping Manager lets you set global shipping rates by creating shipping profiles that can be assigned to individual or groups of products.

Shipping Manager allows you to:

  • create custom shipping profiles to easily manage international shipping
  • identify what items are using which shipping profile and grouping items by shipping cost.
  • better utilize international selling potential by filtering items without shipping, and assigning a custom shipping profile to them.
  • and much much more...

Below, we have linked a short video guide to provide an overview our Shipping Manager and setting up default profiles:

Webinterpret Shipping Manager - step by step instructions

Now, please see a step by step guide to setting-up your Shipping Manager according to requirements:

Once activated, to access the new version of Shipping Manager, login into your Webinterpret Dashboard, then click on More > Shipping manager

If you do not have the latest version of the shipping manager you can request to have it turned on via clicking the link below: Activate Shipping Manager

Default Shipping

A default shipping profile allows you to specify international shipping costs that can be added to all items that do not have any other form of international shipping specified.

Default shipping profile will be added to all items that do not have a specified shipping profile or does not have international shipping option specified directly on the original listing.

It means that your translated items, which do not have any other form of international shipping (specified on your domestic items or other shipping profile) will use shipping prices specified in the default profile.

If you have regions or markets that you do not want to include any shipping profile, please uncheck and exclude them. Leaving a region checked with a shipping cost of 0 will result in your profile applying this 0 shipping cost onto translated and listed items.

If you do not want your new items to have an international shipping assigned by default, please do not create a default profile. 

To create a default shipping profile click on Create Default Profile button. Here you will select default shipping rules and costs for specific countries or global areas, such as show below:


In the final step you will be asked to choose a service option, shipping costs and additional item costs for the different international regions. You will be able to modify these setting and include custom rates or country exclusions when required.

Once set-up you can view all aspects of your customized selections from your Shipping Manager home page, where you will see your Shipping profiles, be able to add new profiles, and also to modify your default Shipping profile as and when you wish. Click on a Country or Area to edit, and a editor will appear on the right hand side:


Custom Shipping Profiles

You can create and assign customer shipping profiles to different groups of items.

To add a new shipping profile, simply click on Add Profile. This will bring up a menu asking for details similar to those required in setting up a default profile. The difference in the set-up here is that the shipping profiles can be assigned to individual or selected groups of items.


Then specify the rules and costs behind the custom profile:


Again further set-up steps are the same as when adding your default shipping profile, with the exception that here you are able to create and directly assign items to your profile via your product lists. 

To select the items to be associated with the custom shipping profile(s), within your Dashboard, click on products option and this will show your items listed. Select or filter those items which you wish to attach to a specific custom profile (if you have multiple custom profiles these will be displayed along with any default one. Make sure the items selected are those you wish to attach the custom profile at this point), and click on Set shipping. Once confirmed, these selected items will then be managed by this specific custom profile:


Assigning Shipping to items

When viewing your products page, if you select an item or a group of items, a Set Shipping button will pop-up.

Once clicked, you will be able to choose an existing shipping profile, clear existing shipping information for selected items, or create and assign new shipping profiles.

Modifying Shipping Profiles

To modify a shipping profile, simply click on this edit icon (). This will bring up a menu on the right hand side of the page that provides the option to edit the shipping profile and it's parameters.

You can then also add custom rules to individually selected countries.

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