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How to use Global Inbox

Global Inbox is an integral part of the WebInterpret experience. It lets you easily manage and respond to messages from international clients in their native language.

Main Global Inbox page

To access Global Inbox, simply log into your WebInterpret Dashboard and click on Inbox:


The red icon next to Inbox shows how many new messages you have.

Your inbox will show the buyer's channel (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and country of origin, a transcript of the message in question, information on the type of message and the date/time it was sent.


Order paid ( ) means the buyer already purchased the item.

Responding to messages

Clicking on any message body will show a history of your communication with the client.


By default you will only see the translated version of the buyer's message, but you can always see the original version by hovering your mouse over the message area and clicking on view original ( ).

To respond in the buyer's language, simply write your text in English, press Send and Global Inbox will automatically translate and contact the client in their native language.


You can filter messages in your inbox by clicking on Filters then applying the desired filtering options in the left-hand menu, like Countries or the type of message Category. Each new filter option will add a tag that you can easily remove.


Additionally, you can switch between messages sorted as Negative Feedback, Starred (favorites), Sent, Archive or Trash. You can also switch between channels like Amazon or eBay.




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