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Synchronization FAQ

Synchronization between your store and WebInterpret is impossible without a linked token. We recommend reading our FAQ on tokens. Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding synchronization:

How often do you update stock levels on internationally listed items?

Stock level checks are run 24/7. Once our software receives this update it will update stock levels as appropriate (please bear in mind there are factors involved with synchronization that may mean the update is not simultaneous or immediate). More information related to stock levels is available here ''How do you update stock levels?''

• What other item elements do you update?

When changes are applied to original items, we update the following parts of international items:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Item specifics
  • Description
  • Item prices
  • Shipping settings and costs
  • Pictures

More information can be found in this Help Center article.

• How often do you update prices?

As per Stock levels, WebInterpret periodically checks and updates item prices whenever currency fluctuations change the price of translisted items by more than 1% since the last time they were verified.

More information can be found in this Help Center article.

• How do you update prices of translisted items?

We update the prices of translisted items when you change prices of original items. We always convert your prices from the original currency into the currency you are listing in internationally. This also includes the postage price.

• How do you relist items on eBay?

If you are a paid user we will relist international items only if you relist your original item. If your original listing duration is 30 days, we will also relist international items after 30 days (unless you decide not to relist the original item). If your original item is Good 'Til Canceled and you do not update your listing in a way that requires relisting, we will not relist the international items.

For more information, including details on how he handle relisting during trial periods, please read this Help Center article.

• What can break synchronization?

If an eBay token expires or gets revoked due to an email change, WebInterpret won't be able synchronise elements of your international listings with the original items. If, for instance, once an item is sold the stock will not be updated.

WebInterpret also won't be able to update your prices. Currency variations, for example, might affect items prices in a negative way.

To restore your token, please follow this guide. For more information about eBay tokens, check this article.

• What can interfere with the stock levels of my translisted items?

You might have stock level issues with internationally listed items if your third-party tools are either incompatible with our solutions, haven't been updated in our database or require additional configuration on your end. More on which third-party tools we support in the following Help Center article.

• How I can increase the speed of stock and price synchronization?

Use SKUs to speed up synchronization. More details in this Help Center article.

• How will you update my items if I later add product identifiers?

If you add Required Product Identifiers (MPN, GTINs, UPCs and ISBNs) to your original listings, we will reuse the original Product Identifier in the translisted item. We prefer using product identifiers over leaving "Does not apply". More on Required Product Identifiers in this Help Center article.


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