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Which fees will appear on my invoice?

There are three types of fees that can appear on your invoice depending on your plan:

  • Subscription fees are charged in advance on a monthly or annual basis (depending on your plan).
  • Success fees (commission) are a percentage of your monthly revenue from Webinterpret listing sales.
  • Transaction fees are charged for each successfully purchased international item listed by Webinterpret.

How often are invoices issued?

Invoices are issued once a month from the day you subscribed to a Webinterpret plan and are available for download in your Webinterpret Dashboard.

Invoices for the Webinterpret Shipping service are issued biweekly.

If you get an email saying that your invoice is available, it may take up to 24 hours for it to be visible in your Webinterpret Dashboard.

See How to download and view your invoices for information about accessing your invoices and transaction details.

How to make a payment?

See Manage and change your payment method to ensure your payment method is active and up to date.

Payment is charged up to 10 days after the invoice was created.

Note: In the case of a failed payment, you will have 10 days to successfully pay your invoice with a valid payment method. Your account will be suspended after 10 days of unsuccessful payment.

How do I modify my invoice details?

You can modify other details on your invoice such as your phone number or VAT from your Profile in the Webinterpret Dashboard. The updated information will be visible on your next invoice.

You are obligated to update this information if it changes to ensure all of your invoice information remains up to date.

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