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This article explains how to change and update your payment method with Webinterpret. You will learn how to change PayPal to Credit or Debit card and vice versa.

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Payment methods - general overview

To provide you with as much control and flexibility, you can now make a selection of your payment method directly form your Webinterpret Dashboard.

As per most account requirements, a single payment method has to be selected, and multiple payment methods are not available simultaneously i.e Credit Card & PayPal (or any other combination) cannot both be active at the same time.

Changing the payment method - step by step guide

Below, we’ll guide you through the payment method selection process step-by-step, so if you want or need to change it, you can do so whenever you choose:

1. Once logged into your Dashboard, go to the Profile page and into the section named Financial Details. Here it will display your current payment method and applicable accompanying information (i.e billing address, registered company name etc).


2. To select a new (or update an existing) payment method, click on the method of choice. This can be Credit Card, PayPal or Direct Debit.*

*Please note Direct Debit is available for European Countries and is not available for US Sellers.

Once the selected payment method is clicked, you’ll see a pop-up message appear (in this case updating or selecting PayPal as the method chose), just checking that you want to proceed with changing your payment method.


Changing the payment method to direct debit

As per above, log into your Dashboard and click on Financials. Once you are 
there, select Direct Debit as the chosen Method of Payment. A box will then pop-up with the necessary fields to populate, as shown below:


Once you have populated the required fields with your information, click on the Save button, and (if successful) you will now see Direct Debit as your chosen (new) Payment Method in this section:


Please note, once Direct Debit is selected, you cannot then change payment method to Credit Card or PayPal directly. In case of wanting to change from Direct Debit to another payment method, please contact our Customer Care who will make the necessary changes for you.

Changing your payment method to PayPal

As per the screenshot above, once PayPal is clicked and you confirm you wish to either update or change payment method, you will be re-directed to the PayPal login page.
Here, just log in to your account as per normal, and once entered, you will be asked to supply and confirm your account information.


Once the change is confirmed, a pop-up notice will be displayed, stating that ‘’PayPal is now your primary payment method’’ as shown in the image below:


If the attempted change is not successful you will see a pop-up confirming that something has prevented the change, as shown in the image below:


If a change is not successful, please make a second attempt, confirming all account information entered is correct. If you are unable, despite repeated attempts to change or update the method, to do so, please contact us so we can investigate the issue.

Changing your payment method to credit card

Again, as per above, always Sign into the Dashboard, Go to Profile → Financial details and Click on Payment Method: Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard are supported. Currently American Express, although shown, is not supported by our financial system)


Once confirmed Yes, a pop-up will appear requiring Credit Card selection and necessary information to be provided:


Once the information is provided, simply submit the form and a Thank You page will appear confirming the process is complete.


(Please note, the process may take up-to a 2-3 minutes to validate).

Once successful, you will be returned to your Dashboard, and your new chosen payment method will be highlighted for you.


Now, with this new management system in place, you can truly take control over how you select your payment methods. If you need to change to a Credit Card from PayPal, even for a temporary period, you can choose to do so. PayPal to Credit Card, and back again. 

Please note that Pricing Plans & Subscriptions are available on our Pricing Page.

If you find you are unable to affect any desired change, or are unable to update a payment method as directed above, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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