What is the scope of your service on eBay?

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WebInterpret localises items sold on eBay into international markets using a translisting process. The translisting process involves the following:

  1. Item selection process
  2. Title optimization
  3. Mapping terms to our industry dictionaries
  4. Automatic or Manual translation (depending on requirement)
  5. Localising listings to marketplace rules, currencies and shipping requirements
  6. Listing items on international marketplaces

Most of our translations are automatic but we often manually translate listings when faced with new expressions. Our system, a unique ecommerce, category-focused translation memory built on over 44 million translisted items, is more accurate than any other automated machine translation process on the market.

Please check this guide on how we Localise on eBay.

Additional things we can do for you:

Since we take on the responsibility of managing your international listings we can also do the following:

  • Put your items on holiday mode (you must put the original items in holiday mode)
  • Translate the automatic messages in holiday mode
  • Add extra information to header and footer templates
  • Customise your translations using the WebInterpret dashboard
  • Blacklist items you do not want translated
  • Retranslate if you are not satisfied (we will use the same method we used in the original translation)
  • Manually retranslate your automatic listings for an additional fee. For more information about this service, check our article on manual translations
  • Remove countries you do not want to sell in
  • Change item prices
  • Convert sizes in specific categories

What's not in the scope of our service:

  • We don't translate abbreviations or keep upper cases in abbreviations
  • Titles:
    • We don’t keep the original word order
    • Keep sizes in translated titles if eBay’s 80 character limit has been reached (if it hasn’t, we will retain size in title)
  • Descriptions:
    • localize dropdown lists in the Motor category
    • localize JavaScript templates


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    Zed Sefi


    Thanks again for the useful information.

    I noticed something in the titles of my items. For some reason, the size provided by you in the title is similar to the original size, and you are keeping both of them in the title. Not only that is wasting some space but it does not look very accurate.

    I sell fragrances. As industry standard; the liquid size is provide in two formats (ML) and (Fluid Ounce / Oz).

    Here is the original title for one of my items:

    Cacharel Eden 50ml/1.7oz Eau De Parfum Spray EDP Perfume Scent Fragrance for Her

    Here is the translated title for the same item on the German eBay:

    Cacharel Eden 50ml/50,3 ml Eau De Parfum Spray EDP Parfüm Duft Duft für Sie

    As you can see, you chose to keep ML and ignore Oz. That's fine, but then you are having the size written twice, and the traslated 50,3 ml is not accurate because that's not what is written on fragrance's retail box.

    For me, you should either keep the Oz along with the ML and translate it accurately as 1,7 Oz (following the same fashion of what you did with 50,3 ml) or just leave any of the two ML variable and keep just one 50ml.

    Any thoughts in regard to this matter?

    Best regards,


  • Avatar
    Alex Korczak

    Dear Zed - Thanks for the comment. With a query such as the above, we would recommend contacting our Customer Support who will be able to look into issues such as raised here.

    To contact the Customer Support, please follow the link here and provide the information as you have above.

    Again, thanks for the comment.

    All the best,

    The WebInterpret Team



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