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How do I send or modify feedback about your product?

WebInterpret is always trying to improve its products and services. We also value good customer support so we offer clients a number of ways to send us feedback about our product:

  • You can send feedback to our Help Center
  • You can rate our agent’s performance on Live Chat
  • You can rate our agent’s performance on Help Desk
  • We also occasionally send clients a quick survey asking them to rate our product.

Modifying your rating

We take your satisfaction seriously, so if you wish to modify your review of a Help Desk agent, do the following…


1) Login into WebInterpret then in profile choose "My Activities":


 2) Click on the ticket in question (usually the last one):


 3) Choose "Change my rating":


 4) Then modify the rating:


We thank you in advance for your help and patience.


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    matthew mcglynn

    Neither of the two performance rating options works. The chat option is restricted to silver/gold/platinum users. The Help Desk option just fails -- it is a generic help request form, not a rating form. Seems to me that WebInterpret doesn't really want feedback.

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