How do I send or modify feedback about your product?

Please note, that to communicate with our Customer Care and Support teams and administer requests, please log in to our Help Center rather than your Dashboard/SUI. Simply go to our Help Center here, and sign in, as shown below:


WebInterpret is always trying to improve its products and services. We also value good customer support so we offer clients a number of ways to send us feedback about our product:

  • You can send feedback to our Help Center
  • You can rate our agent’s performance on Live Chat
  • You can rate our agent’s performance on Help Desk
  • We also occasionally send clients a quick survey asking them to rate our product.

Modifying your rating

We take your satisfaction seriously, so if you wish to modify your review of a Help Desk agent, do the following…


1) Login into WebInterpret then in profile choose "My Activities":


 2) Click on the ticket in question (usually the last one):


 3) Choose "Change my rating":


 4) Then modify the rating:


We thank you in advance for your help and patience.


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    matthew mcglynn

    Neither of the two performance rating options works. The chat option is restricted to silver/gold/platinum users. The Help Desk option just fails -- it is a generic help request form, not a rating form. Seems to me that WebInterpret doesn't really want feedback.

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