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What is Global Inbox?

Global Inbox is the #1 productivity tool for your communication and reputation management needs. To highlight one feature included within this tool, we're sure you will see how effective Global Inbox will be in assisting communication with your customers.

If you receive a message from an overseas customer in their native language, we automatically translate it for you into your own chosen native one. You respond in your native language, they receive it in theirs. Communicate effectively with all your customers, in any language.

Also included as part of Global Inbox is these other great features, lets see how Global Inbox can help you increase your productivity by up to 80%:

One Inbox For All

Handle questions, requests and negative feedback comments from one inbox.

Automatic Translation

Send and receive international and domestic messages in your native language. We do all the translating for you so you don’t have to use Google Translate anymore!

Conversation View

See the history of your conversation with buyers and info relevant to the items in question alongside your inbox.

Case Manager

Handle cases opened against you right from your Global Inbox (to be released in April 2016).


The best thing about it is that it's free!


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