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What is the Online Stores Service & How Does it Work?

We translate, localize and launch your online store in over 60 countries in under 7 days. and list your products on international marketplaces.

As part of the PayPal Global Seller program our simple Plug & Play is available for leading ecommerce platforms Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Online Stores is a service provided by WebInterpret that boosts your international sales in just a few clicks by translating, and marketing your website into additional languages ie German, Spanish, Italian, French & even Chinese. The translated website is either listed on your own domain or on external ones.

After registering on our website and installing this extension, Webinterpret will import all products compatible with International Sales and eCommerce. We then create and host the translated online stores for you (one for each country) and market them internationally. New orders generated by this service are directed to your existing domestic online store.

When an international buyer places an order the money is transferred directly to your PayPal account and we send the new order to your existing store for processing and shipping as usual. You will need a PayPal account to use our service. If you don't already have an account then you can [click here to sign up for PayPal].

If you want to learn more about how the Online Stores service works, then book a Demo with one of our Expert e-Commerce consultants 



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