How does WebInterpret handle VAT?

Here's a list of topics you need to know concerning VAT when using WebInterpret.

VAT in your item prices

It is your responsibility to add VAT to your original listing prices if you are required to do so. Please check the following eBay and/or Amazon pages for more information.

If applicable, WebInterpret will factor in the original item's VAT in the price of all international items sold within EU member states.

Selling thresholds in EU countries

When distance selling, you do not need to register your business in each foreign EU country where you sell items. You only need to register if you breach that country's selling threshold. Once your sales to that country exceed the threshold, you must register for VAT in that country and charge their VAT rate on all sales. Each member state has its own threshold. You can read more about VAT thresholds here.

How WebInterpret charges VAT

WebInterpret is registered in France so it does not charge VAT for its services if your business has a registered VAT number.

As of January 2015, clients without a registered VAT number will have to pay their country's VAT on all WebInterpret services.


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