Failed items & why they couldn't be listed

The following article provides information on why items may fail to list, and supplies assistance as to how to avoid or rectify any issues experienced.

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Failed items - introduction to the blacklister feature

Occasionally retailers are licensed to only sell specific brands within their domestic market. In such cases, we urge sellers to use our keyword blacklister feature.

It will quickly and easily prevent items with specific terms from being internationally listed by Webinterpret. In the meantime, please check why Items may have failed to list (unintentionally in some case) with the details provided below.

Why items may have failed to list

We will not list items that are blacklisted for one of the following reasons:

Blacklisted by keyword

The items were blacklisted because they contain keywords that may violate eBay policies on particular eBay markets.

Ended by seller

if international items were ended on the seller's side (i.e in their ebay account / third party tool) they are automatically blocked in our system from further listing. This can be unblocked by sending a request to out Support Team.

Blacklisted by category

Items from a specific category can be removed from being blacklisted by request via our Support Team.

Items/Categories can always be re-blacklisted again, using the Blacklisting tool within the Webinterpret Dashboard

Blocked by seller 

It may also happen that you wish to block chosen item(s) from listing. This can also be done (and undone) with the help of our Blocking tool in the WI Dashboard.

For more information on our Blocking tool, please see this detailed article.

Condition required

Sellers might have failed items due to the following eBay error:

"Condition is required for this category."

Some international eBay sites require that items have their condition set (new, new with defects, or used) before they can be listed. To fix this, you can either:

1) Specify the conditions for the original item in your eBay item panel:


2) Ask us to specify the default condition for translated items. We will apply a condition to all translated items whose original item doesn't have one specified. For more detail, please check this article.

The condition can be also set in your Dashboard via the Listing Optimiser, however it will work for new items only.

Picture Size

To meet eBay’s photo quality requirements, item photos should be at least 500 pixels on the longest side and should not have artwork, borders, or text.

If your item appears in the Items which cannot be listed section of your Dashboard, to have it listed internationally you will have to change your image in the original eBay listing.

Check the video here to see how you can bulk edit and relist eBay photo.

For more information, check out this article on eBay Photo Requirements.

Auction-style listings

Webinterpret only supports "Buy it now" listings. If your original item is an auction-style listing you need to convert it to "Buy it now" in order for it to be listed internationally.

Seller fees payment method not setup

Some items might not be listed due to the payment method of seller fees not being set up in your eBay account*.

To change these payment methods, please follow this guide. Once this is done, let us know by contacting our Support Team so we can continue listing your items internationally.
*Note: Please do not confuse this with buyer payment methods.

Register as a Business

In order to list on international eBay sites, we recommend setting up your eBay as a Business account (rather than an Individual account). This enables seamless international listing and also increases the number of markets available for you to actually list on. 

To ensure your products can be listed internationally, take the following steps when setting up your account:

1. Log in to My eBay. Click the Account tab. Under the My eBay Views section on the left, click Personal Information

2. In the Account Information section, find ''Account type'', and click “Edit” on the far right


3. Enter your selected account name and click ''Change to Business Account''


4. You’ll now see confirmation that the account type has changed from Individual to Business


A slightly more in-depth article is available here

Global Shipping Program

We will not list items internationally if they do not have an international shipping option set. To correct this, we recommend this article reviewing how to set up your very own Shipping Manager within your Dashboard.

No reimbursement policy in the US

Items can fail to list on the US marketplace when a reimbursement method hasn’t been specified. As a result sellers might see this message:

"You're almost done with your listing. There's just one more thing to do. It looks like you don't have a reimbursement payment method on file with us."
To resolve this, you have to set a reimbursement policy on the original listing or ask one of our agents to create a policy for each specific US item.

Identity on PayPal not confirmed

Sometimes we are not able to list your items internationally due to the following reason given by eBay:

"Attention: Thanks for your interest in selling internationally on eBay. To sell items on eBay sites outside of the country where you live, we ask our members to confirm their identity. Before you can continue, we need a little more information from you. We'll ask you to confirm your identity by linking your account to PayPal or by providing us with your bank account information. Confirm your identity now."

You might have confirmed it previously, however probably due to some updates PayPal, eBay requires to confirm your identity once again in your PayPal account.

You can find some information regarding this here.

For guidance on how to confirm your identity on PayPal please follow this link.

Please contact the Support Team once it is done so we can continue to list your items internationally.

Self Hosted and EPS pictures

Some users might see the following Error message in their Webinterpret Dashboard:

"A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed."

This means the original listing has images that are not hosted by eBay Picture Services (EPS). eBay UK allows mixing self-hosted and eBay hosted images, but international eBay sites do not. The best way to resolve the issue is to make sure that original items pictures are hosted on eBay directly. After modifying the original listing you should to contact our Customer Care Team department.

To read more about this particular eBay error, click here

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