How is VAT handled in countries outside Europe?

VAT doesn't need to be declared on transactions made outside the European Union. We remove VAT from your listings outside Europe, in countries like Australia, Canada and the United States. This explains why prices seem lower in those countries.

We have implemented an exclusion system which prevents European buyers from purchasing items from these listings.

You can read more about VAT and how it's handled in countries outside Europe in this article.


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    Jamie Brown

    For VAT to be removed to sales outside the EU (eg to Malta/Albania/Australia/USA etc), proof of export has to be kept (and provided if necessary on VAT inspections) to HMRC in the UK. The proof required is (taken from HMRC's site):

    6.5 What must be shown on export evidence

    The text in this box has the force of law

    The evidence you obtain as proof of export, whether official or commercial, or supporting must clearly identify:

    • the supplier
    • the consignor (where different from the supplier)
    • the customer
    • the goods
    • an accurate value
    • the export destination, and
    • the mode of transport and route of the export movement

    Please can you confirm that when selling through Webinterpret (specially woo commerce plugin), that this information would still be available, regardless of which shipping option the buyer picks (seller fulfilled rate set, or webinterpret's shipping centres)?


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