Contacting our Support Team via the Webinterpret Dashboard

In this article you will learn how to contact our Support Team. You can do that from your Webinterpret Dashboard. 

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If you need to ask questions regarding your eBay, Amazon or Online Stores Program, you can now get great support direct from within your Dashboard.

We have 2 great options, Quick help and Submit request:


Quick help

Quick help will provide the option to search from within our Help Center, just by using simple keyword searches and will now offer self-service suggestions and list them directly from within your Dashboard (Included within the Help Center is product information, FAQ's and pre-prepared Self-Service guides which can assist our Sellers in taking action directly). Below, by using ''Shipping'' as a keyword search, we see numerous suggested articles providing Self-Service assistance: click on any selected article and it will display the content in full):


To visit the Help Center home page, simply click ''Go to help Center''. 

If you cannot find locate the information required, or need further assistance, you can contact us with your request via our Webform or (if you have a paying subscription plan), also via our Chat Service:

Submit request

To submit a request via our Webform, as above, click on Need Help, then Submit request. A pop-up will appear including the option to click Ask a question:


Our contact Webform will then be available for you to raise your Support request:


Please provide as much information as possible to enable our Support Team to resolve any issue as quickly as possible

Support via our Chat Service (Available to PAYG, ProSellers, Google Shopping & Pro-Online Stores) 

As in the instructions provided above, within your Dashboard, click Need help, then Submit request and the contact options will appear. To select it, just click on Chat complete the introductory form (again, please provide the information as per the product or platform concerned and the issue or assistance required) and then click Start Chat:



Once connected, our Customer Support Team will be ready to assist you live.


Please note our Support teams are available Monday to Friday and will be online to Chat during the following Business hours (excluding selected Public Holidays):

  • UK: 10:00 - 17:30   GMT
  • US: 10.00 – 5.30   EST
  • DE: 9:30 – 17:00   CET

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

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