Onboarding Wizard: link your eBay account

In this article you will find information on how to link your eBay account to your Webinterpret account. The step by step guide below will provide you with simple instructions to follow.  

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Linking your eBay account - step by step guide

After you have registered with Webinterpret for eBay you will see the following page during your onboarding process:


This step asks you to give your eBay account access to Webinterpret.com. You must press the "Link my eBay account" to connect Webinterpret to your eBay account.

Next, you will have to login to your eBay account:


Next comes an agreement page. Simply click "I agree":


This will connect Webinterpret to your eBay account using an encrypted token system. We will not have access to your eBay password.

For further information, please read this article on Tokens And How To Keep Connected

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