Where Can I Find/Download My Invoice(s)?

With the updated Financial section within your Seller User Interface (SUI), you now have more access and control to all financial and transaction based functions.

First of all, to ensure data security, you need to access your Webinterpret Seller User Interface to view and make appropriate changes: Log in here: app.webinterpret.com/login

To view current and historic Invoices, click on your Profile name in the right hand corner, and a drop down menu will be revealed. Click on Invoices and you will see the page similar to that shown below:


Multi-View & Downloading

Included within the upgraded SUI, you now have access to multi-view options and downloads.

For each Invoice, you have 2 icons underneath the heading ''Actions'': These are qualified below:

''Download Transactions List'' will provide a full document detailing each of the individual transactions contained within that specific Invoice, 

''Download Invoice'' which consists of the Invoice as for this period as a whole.

To download a single invoice, simply click on any invoice number or on the download icon. This will save the file direct to your device in use and in PDF format.

Printing an Invoice

To print an invoice, open the Downloaded PDF and click on the PDF's "print" button. This will then connect to your default printing device.

*Please note that for security reasons invoices are no longer emailed as attachments. They can only be accessed via the seller dashboard (link below).

Important: Use the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox to download invoices. Internet Explorer (IE) might cause problems.

In case of a lost or forgotten WebInterpret password, please follow the link: I forgot my WebInterpret password.

More on invoices

For more information, please read this Help Center FAQ on invoices


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