Reading & understanding your invoice

In this article you will learn about reading and understanding your invoices. The step-by-step guide below goes through every part of the invoice valid for the Pay As You Go and the Pro Plan, while explaining what you can find in each segment. 

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Invoices section in the Webinterpret Dashboard

To access the Invoices section, click on the user icon in the top-right corner of the Dashboard. There you will find all your issued invoices that are downloadable in PDF format.


Step by step guide

There will be a minimum of 3 (three) currencies displayed on the invoice. However, all to be paid charges will be in the currency of your selected registered country.

At the top of the invoice you will find basic information about the recipient, as well as the information about our company (the address, VAT registration number, etc.).


Then, the invoice displays the subscription identifier, rate plan and all applicable main charges. Service Period refers to the covered invoice. Subscription and commission fees are displayed separately.



In this example, we see an Invoice Total, including applicable Discounts (0 GBP), Tax payable (0%,0 GBP), Net & Total amount payable 132.58 GBP.


Here you will find an example of an overall Usage Summary



The last part is confirmation related to the Applied Amount being charged and applicable payment being successfully debited. Once payment for the invoice is confirmed, the outstanding Invoice Balance will always read as 0 (Zero).


For further information related to invoices, charges and more, we have created an FAQ to answer your questions.

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