Reading & Understanding Your Invoice

To enable you to full understand the Invoicing process we adopt, this article will explain each part of the invoice in the form of a step-by-step guide.

First of all, let us clarify what exactly is Invoiced by WebInterpret. Each partner will have a subscription/plan in relation to the type of account they have selected. Here is out that will be detailed and displayed on the invoice.

WebInterpret's Subscription fees are charged in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on the subscription type), while a Success fee (Commission) is charged only when a transaction is concluded and paid. Some plans have Transaction fees instead of monthly/yearly fees.

To see our subscription types, visit the Plans section by logging into your WebInterpret dashboard, clicking on your user profile icon and selecting Plans from the drop-down menu.


Please note that there will be a minimum of 3 (three) currencies displayed on invoice. However, all charges invoiced and liable for payment will be in the currency of the selected registered country i.e GBP-UK, EURO-FR, AUD-AU, USD-US. 

It is providing information on different aspects included in the invoice, including how are commission is calculated and displayed.

Invoices are available in the WebInterpret Dashboard. You can access, download and print them out under the following link (you need to login to your WebInterpret dashboard):

To access the "Invoices" section, simply click on the blue user icon in the top-right corner of the dashboard. There you will find all your issued invoices.


The invoices are downloadable in PDF format.

Here you’ll find basic information on the invoice’s recipient.

The below includes basic essentials such as the WebInterpret company address, VAT registration number on the left hand side.

On the right it displays your account number, address, VAT registration number (if applicable) and registered email address.


Charge summary

The Invoice displays subscriber, rate plan, currency and all applicable main charges. Invoice period covered is included under ''Service Period''. Subscription and commission fees are displayed separately:


If there was any promotion or discount applicable, this will appear as per below:


In the below example, we see an Invoice Total, including applicable discounts (0GBP) Tax payable (0%,0GBP) net & total amount payable 1731.87GBP


Below is an overall Usage Summary:


Information displayed is explained thus:

Date - When an item was paid on eBay or sold on Amazon
Revenue - Total revenue of a given date
Charge Info - Clarification of the type of charge i.e Commission or other 
Usage Description - Information on whether transaction was via eBay or Amazon


Above we see a clarification of all the workings the Invoice is based around.

And below, is confirmation related to the Invoiced amount being charged and applicable payment being successfully debited.

Once payment for an applicable invoice is confirmed, the outstanding ''Invoice Balance'' will always read as value 0 (Zero).


For further information related to Invoices, charges and related questions, we have created an FAQ to assist with general invoice themed queries. Please visit the FAQ here.


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