Why do I have duplicate listings?

In this article you will learn general information about duplicate listings. You will also find out the possible reasons causing them.  

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Duplicate listings - general information

Duplicate listings can subject sellers to a range of eBay actions, including limits put on buying and selling privileges. To prevent the creation of duplicate listings, in addition to following certain good practices sellers also need make sure their third-party tools and eBay settings are properly configured.

Duplicate listings - possible reasons

Here is a list of possible reasons causing duplicate listings:

1. Duplicate listings on foreign sites can be a result of duplicate listings on the original site.

2. Some third-party tools can override your eBay settings and automatically relist items, including those created by Webinterpret. This may cause duplicates. Make sure your third-party tools are updated and their auto-relist feature is turned off.

For more on how third-party tools can affect re-listings, click here…

3. You may have accidentally relisted the translated items manually on an international site.

4. Translated unsold items will appear in your Activity > Sell > Unsold section and will be retranslated again if you select the Relist option. This will create a duplicate.


5. You may have listed items internationally yourself before using WebInterpret services, causing a duplicate when we translated your listings.

6. Original items in your Selling Manager may need the proper Automation rules. Please follow this guide to configure this function.

7. Our Adaptive Translation System might strip terms from your title to meet eBay's character limit. In some cases this can make titles of new international listings identical to previously listed items, creating a duplicate. To avoid this, make sure each original item also has unique content in the description or item specifics. In order to make sure your original item title complies with eBay standards and to prevent duplicates please read the following article on best practices for creating item titles on eBay.

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