What is invoiced by Webinterpret?

General WebInterpret invoicing rules:

  • WebInterpret's subscription fees are charged on a monthly or yearly basis (depends on subscription type).
  • Subscription fees are charged upfront.
  • Subscription is charged in advance but commission is charged only when transaction is concluded and paid.
  • Invoice is issued once a month.
  • Invoice is available and downloadable in your WebInterpret account.
  • Payment is made at the end of the invoicing period by automatic debit on user's credit card or PayPal account.
  • Invoice is issued on the day you joined WebInterpret (internally we call this day: invoice anniversary, birthday).
  • Payment due day is 5 days after invoice was created
  • We try to proceed payment 2 times: on a payment day for the fist time and 5 days after the due date for the second time.

For more information, please read this Help Center FAQ on invoices.

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