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How should I read the list of recommended items?

A few hours after you have created your Webinterpret account, you will be provided with the list of 100 items which have been selected for you. You can access it within your WebInterpret account by clicking on the following link:

Please see below some additional information. There are three possible reasons preventing an item from being listed internationally.

1.The item in question has no international postage costs set on it. We cannot list any product internationally if it doesn't have international postage costs set. If this is the case, the following symbol will be displayed

If your potential international bestsellers don't have international postage costs set, please add the international postage costs.

2. The listing will not be listed internationally by Webinterpret if the item ends in less than three days. In this case Webinterpret will not list the item because it may end before the translation process has been completed. If this is the case, the following symbol will be displayed:

3. Sometimes a product listing can be blacklisted and cannot be listed by Webinterpret. An item is blacklisted either because you have decided to blacklist it at an earlier stage or because the title contains keywords which are prohibited from certain eBay sites. If this is the case, the following symbol will be displayed:




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