Can I edit my international listings created by WebInterpret?

Most changes made to original listings, such as shipping, pricing, titles and description will be automatically copied over to your international listings. 

There are also important editions, such as Size Conversion Charts, that will require validation from you only.

However, it is important to let us control your international listings. Modifying translated listings yourself can lead to a variety of problems, including duplicates. For more information on duplicates, read this article.

If you find a problem with a translation, do not modify it. Our system will eventually return your changes back to their original state, or in some cases even create a duplicate listing.

We suggest you contact support and inform us of what you would like to change. This way, we can ensure that all possible changes will be correctly applied.

Please include information on what was mistranslated along with the item number of the listing you want checked. 




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    OK Stamps

    Is this a posable, I would like, just part of my listing show up on webinterpret

    For exemple: I would like my listing will be in two countries and items which cost more then $50.00

    For exemple: Germany and France - higher then $50.00

    I try to use blocking listing tools, but how I can see it will work just for listed items, how I can make changes for not listed items, and can I prevent it in future, because every 30 days will be update of listings,

    thank you

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