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What is the duration of listings created by WebInterpret on eBay?

You are a trial User?

Items are listed for a maximum duration of 30 days.

You are a Premium Subscriber?

The WebInterpret listings have the same duration as your original listings.

They are relisted automatically until:

- There is no more stock on this item
- You end the original listing manually
- You end the foreign item from your WebInterpret account

How can I make changes to my international listings?

In order to make any changes on your listings, we suggest you contact our Support department. You need to inform us of what you would like to change. It is important to understand that any changes made will affect the entire market and not just a single item.

Item duration: 

Each item can be listed for a set duration. The most common duration is “GTC” or “Good Till Canceled”. This means that the item will be “renewed” every month by eBay (and insertion fees will apply). So to be clear the listing will actually automatically be renewed on a 30 day basis on every GTC listing.  A set  number of days is shown on non-GTC listings.




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