What is Offsite Ads?

Learn about Offsite Ads for eBay, and the key differences between this advertising model and Promoted Listings.

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What is Offsite Ads?

Offsite Ads offer sellers the opportunity to extend their reach further and attract new customers with external advertising channels. eBay automatically adjusts each listing's cost-per-click on a daily basis through an analysis of the historical cost-per-click averages that eBay’s external ad partners have charged for your listing (or similar listings). You are charged for clicks in accordance with your set budget.

You can promote your listings with Offside Ads on the following markets: 

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Key benefits of Offsite Ads

  • More visibility: Attract new buyers and help drive more traffic to your listings.
  • Wider audience reach: Offsite Ads have the potential to reach a broader audience beyond eBay's platform through external traffic sources like Google.
  • Effortless solution: eBay handles the entire process of running Offsite Ads, including the selection of which listings to promote and the placement of ads on external platforms. This saves sellers time and effort that would otherwise be spent managing external advertising campaigns.


What are the differences between Offsite Ads and Promoted Listings?

  • Placement: Offsite Ads are displayed outside of eBay on external platforms, while Promoted Listings appear directly on eBay through search results and other prominent locations on the platform.
  • Cost Structure: Offsite Ads offers a cost-per-click model (similar to Promoted Listings Advanced), whereas Promoted Listings Standard is based on a cost-per-sale model.
  • Audience reach: Offsite Ads have the potential to reach a broader audience (beyond eBay's platform) and is able to take advantage of external traffic sources. On the other hand, Promoted Listings primarily targets eBay users who are actively browsing or searching on eBay.