1. Listings creation, translation and localization

This service refers to the translation and localization of your domestic listings into international marketplaces. Webinterpret ensures the language and context of listings are as accurate as possible to maximize the conversion of international buyers. The content is structured in line with the targeted marketplace’s best practices as well as contains relevant keywords to maximize the search visibility.

  1. Promotion services

This service refers to the promotion of your products on the dedicated marketplace(s). Webinterpret manages marketing campaigns in multiple languages. Webinterpret will maximize sales and campaign profitability, in line with your business objectives.

  1. Tax and compliance

This service refers to the management of tax and compliance related to the export/import/distribution of goods to other countries. Webinterpret will handle and declare necessary registrations and taxes, as well as customs fees and declarations (based on the receipt of accurate data inputs for each Product from you).

  1. Logistics

This service refers to the management of the international logistics (from the designated warehouse or country of origin) and local distribution of your goods (from local warehouse to the Final Purchaser). Logistics service may also include organization of the withdrawal of goods and their return to your designated warehouse or country of origin.

  1. Customer support

The Final Purchasers will be provided by Webinterpret with accessible and responsive Customer Support. However, queries or claims related to the Products and submitted by the Final Purchaser must be addressed by you within 24 hours.

  1. Currency conversion

This service refers to management of FX rates embedded into the Resale Price in order to guarantee the payment of the Purchase Price in full (providing there is the Resale).