How to manage your daily budget for Promoted Listings Advanced

Learn how to set up your daily budget for Promoted Listings Advanced with Webinterpret.

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How to approach advertising with Promoted Listings Advanced

Before you start advertising your items, you need to define your business goals, which will help identify the initial campaign settings and key metrics you should track to understand your ads' performance. Webinterpret has identified 3 different business profiles that can help you position yourself and understand your needs/main outcome of using Promoted Listings Advanced.

You can access these business profiles and recommendations through the Campaign Model Recommendation Tool (available when you are selecting your campaign model(s) by clicking the Not sure button).

Note: You can also access an overview of business goals (PDF) at the bottom of this article.



Daily budget options

To set up your daily budget, there are two options you can choose from:

1. Select the WI recommended rate of $15/£15 as an initial daily budget, or

2. Select your average monthly sales (between 3,000 and 50,000) and your target ACOS (%). Depending on the amount that is set, Webinterpret will recommend a daily budget.


How to manage your daily budget

1. Click Settings in your Advertising Dashboard.

2. Under Promoted Listings Advanced, click ACTIONS > EDIT BUDGET next to the market.

3. Edit your daily budget based on one of the options (indicated above) and click Save budget settings