Frequently Asked Questions

This article summarizes frequently asked questions about Marketplace Brand Expansion.

Note: This article contains general information about the service, and as such, it does not constitute legal advice. Contact your Account Manager for specifics.


Marketplace Brand Expansion FAQs:


What are the benefits of selling globally with Marketplace Brand Expansion?

Marketplace Brand Expansion allows brands to sell globally on international marketplaces without having to build their own global growth strategy from scratch or invest in costly, additional resources on their own. Webinterpret acts as a Merchant of Record and fully manages your international brand through the Webinterpret Merchant Account. All you need to do is confirm the inventory you want to list and ship them to our local fulfillment centers.

Marketplace Brand Expansion provides a reliably fast go-to-market so you can sell internationally and compete on a level playing field with local sellers while gaining more customers for your brand. Everything is backed by our team of experts specialized in international ecommerce, so your launch is minimal effort.


Which services are included with Marketplace Brand Expansion?

Webinterpret activates the following services to maximize your brand's success in international markets:

  • Translation & Localization
  • SEO & Listing Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Local Fulfillment
  • Compliance & Tax Management
  • Local Customer Support

Note: Branding Services are available upon request; contact your Account Manager for more information.


Which marketplace channels are available?

Amazon is the only channel available (for now). We’re working on launching more channels soon, and we’ll notify you when more become available in 2024!


How is inventory prepared for Webinterpret’s local fulfillment centers?

After you have approved Webinterpret’s Purchase Order to purchase your inventory, Webinterpret will alert the target local fulfillment centers and send detailed shipping instructions to you for the confirmed inventory (including shipping labels, customs labels and FBA labels). Webinterpret will also request any documentation that is required for customs clearance.


How are international sales monitored?

You can monitor your brand’s international sales with access to key performance metrics from your Webinterpret Dashboard.


When does Webinterpret transfer international sales earnings from the Webinterpret Merchant Account?

Consult your Webinterpret contract for information about receiving payments. You can also request this information from your Account Manager.


What happens to unsold inventory?

Webinterpret will return your unsold inventory after 6 months unless otherwise specified in your contract.