Product Specification for Marketplace Brand Expansion

This article contains the process and specifications for preparing your products for shipment to Webinterpret's local fulfillment center(s).


1. Webinterpret issues a formal Purchase Order to the Client.

2. The Client has 5 working days from receipt of the Purchase Order request to confirm it in writing through sending an email to Webinterpret.

3. Webinterpret creates logistics inbound feed in the target warehouse and sends logistics
instructions to the Client, consisting of:

  • SKU / ASIN to be shipped
  • Quantity per SKU / ASIN
  • The destination address of the WI Warehouse
  • Incoterm and shipping information.

4. If not provided earlier, the Client must provide all the necessary data and documents for customs clearance (including, but not limited to a certificate of origin and pro-forma invoice, if needed, and any documents required for the Products to be cleared by the customs). 

5. The Client prepares the Products in accordance with the specification, as stated above, and provides a pick list (the “Pick List”) to Webinterpret, consisting of:

  • Number of boxes as part of the shipment
  • Breakdown of SKU and quantity per box.

Each Product must be bar-coded with exactly the same barcode as registered on the marketplace(s). If not, WI Warehouse will have to relabel the Products. The number of units must be exactly the same as specified on the Purchase Order and the Pick List.  The packaging must be robust, so that the Products will not be destroyed in transit to the designated WI Warehouse and then onward to the Final Purchaser (s).

6. Webinterpret provides the relevant shipping documents (shipping label, customs labels, and FBA label, if relevant) to the Client.

7. The Client sticks the label on the parcels and releases them to the carrier for delivery to the WI Warehouse indicated in the Order.

8. A notification of successful delivery is sent to the Client upon receipt in the WI Warehouse indicated in the Order.