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Cancelled Orders & Shipping Cost Refunds

At times you may receive an order (and subsequent payment) which is later cancelled. In these cases there is a basic process to ensure customer satisfaction and minimal action required for all parties concerned.

Below is a simple step by step guide recommended to ensure a smooth, effortless process for any Cancelled orders:

1: When notified of the intention to cancel, please proceed to cancel the order within whichever e-commerce platform you utilise i,e Magento, Shopify etc.

2: Proceed with refunding the customer for the item/product purchased via PayPal (you may have suggestions within your platform to do it directly via your user interface, however it is necessary to refund via PayPal for speed, security purposes and for Webinterpret to process said refund once confirmed).

3: If the customer ordered and purchased selecting the Webinterpret Parcel Forwarding service, this charge is separate from the product/item price, and needs to be processed directly by Webinterpret. 

4: Please confirm the order as cancelled within your platform and contact our Customer Care Team to process the appropriate refund (for shipping costs) due to your customer.

The process for refunding shipping/parcel forwarding costs will be completed and appear in your customers account within 7 days.


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