Webinterpret Shipping - Origin to Destination ETA's

If you have purchased from an eBay store utilising our Shipping Services, we have provided Estimated Shipping Times (ETA's) in the documents attached.

Please note that the Parcel Tracking reference received by email will indicate the origin of your purchase ie GB, US or DE. These are currently the markets utilising our shipping program, therefore it will not be from any other origin aside from these.

To clarify the terms included in the attached document, please see the information below:

Country Code: Abbreviated Term for Country of Destination ie AD = Andorra

Country: Full name of Country of Destination

Tracked: Shipping option chosen at time of purchase (15-30 refers to an estimated shipping time ie between 15 and 30 days* from origin to destination) 

Express: Shipping option chose at time of purchase (as above 8-12 refers to an estimated shipping time ie between 8 and 12 days* from origin to destination)

*Minimum to Maximum


To track your Parcel, follow this link tracking.webinterpret.com, enter your unique Parcel Tracking reference and you will then be able to follow your Parcels progress right to your door.

Below, we provide Shipping Timetables for each market origin. This includes the estimated time from origin  of UK, US or DE, to country of destination. 


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