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eBay Enforcement Updates FAQ - 2018 Essential Overview

eBay have released numerous updates to various enforcement policies in 2017/18, and are continuing their review of existing terms of service and conditions.

Please note, these are updates which (if unheeded) can result in listings being removed, policy violations and ''including listing fees not being refunded and limits of your buying and selling privileges''

In view of these updates (which are likely to affect a significant number of sellers (if not a majority)) we are providing continued news and updates which we very much encourage you to take time in familiarising yourself with. 

With the range of Policy Updates and Condition reviews, we have arranged the following Headlines which includes a brief summary highlight and links to more detail-specific articles. These articles will also include links to various published eBay notices and guides.   

HTTPS & Security Violation Enforcement

eBay announced that from October (an email campaign commenced November 8th) 2017 they will start to enforce the HTTPS communication protocol across eBay for all listings that are HTTPS compliant (in simple terms, pages, images, logos linked to a HTTP Server or URL, need to be replaced with HTTPS link. Therefore, Identify HTTP content and update to HTTPS, which can prevent buyer security concerns by using secure content.) Updates and amendments to all domestic listings are required before Webinterpret can revise international ones.

Removal Of Any Active Content Contained within Listing Descriptions 

eBay Confirm ''Active content is any form of non-standard text that’s in listing descriptions to provide additional functionality, such as videos, animations, or sound. Examples of active content include JavaScript, Flash, and plug-ins. Active content can cause listings to display slowly on the page and in some cases display incorrectly when viewing them on mobile devices.''

There is a tool available to enable you to identify any listings (en bloc) that contain Active Content, if you wish to double check, investigate here:

Contact Information & Links - eBay Policy Enforcing 2017  - During 2017 eBay has been consistently updating and enforcing their business policies. This is likely to continue for the rest of the year and includes (from September) updates concerning Contact Information and the utilisation of Links & Hyperlinks.  

eBay Terms & Conditions Update 2017 eBay have announced that as of February 2017, updates will be implemented with the aim of improving the shopping experience.

eBay Duplicate Multi-Listing Action - eBay are removing duplicate listings from any sellers on eBay sites that are in violation of eBay duplicate listings policy

Input Quality For Brands in Item Specifics - June 2017 - To ensure your original items are accepted on your domestic eBay site means Webinterpret can appropriately list your items on international marketplaces.

TurboLister no longer technically supported by eBay - In a recent announcement eBay has confirmed that technical support for TurboLister will no longer be provided.

Tracked Shipping Services & Increased Sales - Including tracking (and then delivery confirmation) provides that extra level of security which perhaps your competitors are not.

eBay Motors & Car Parts Enforcement Policy 2017 For this latest update, it affects Motor & Car Parts sellers and we have compiled this article to ensure you have the most up to date info available.

List of compatible third-party tools - Here you can find the list of Third-Party Tools compatible with WebInterpret. We frequently run additional tests to make sure that even compatible tools are synchronized with our software.

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