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How are Shipping Service Prices Calculated?

The final calculated price of the WebInterpret shipping service consists of the international shipping cost and the International Handling fee.

The cost is related to the transfer of any package from your domestic location to the Parcel Forwarding hub chosen for international transit. These costs are included in the overall quoted price and the value is chosen by you. Therefore no additional charges or fees to be paid to Webinterpret by any party. 

Examples of the inclusive nature of the fee is provided below:



The international shipping cost is calculated by an algorithm which takes into account the item’s weight and dimensions. In cases when no weight or dimensions are provided, our software (using data mining and artificial intelligence) will estimate them based on the item’s title, attributes, description and pictures.

The handling fee is the cost of sending the product from your warehouse to our Parcel Forwarding hub.

This cost shows as a separate line in the checkout called “International handling.” The value of the handling fee is defined by yourself and you will receive the entirety of this fee.



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