Webinterpret Shipping - Labelling, Packing & Tracking for US Sellers

To ensure you get a seamless Shipping service, we provide a guide below with directions in how to process your orders. This includes labels, packing & tracking.

For information on other aspects of Shipping such as excluded items etc, please check this knowledge base of various articles.  

What type of label(s) do I use for the package?

WebInterpret generates an order in your order management software. A ship-to address will be available and will enable you to create an appropriate label to attach to the order and to print and proceed with packing. The shipping address included on the label will be that of the nearest local shipping hub

The label will display that it is a ''Webinterpret'' package, you simply need to add the name/contact of the consignee (the buyer name who will ultimately receive the delivery

Please see the example provided below:

WIAGxxxxx: [buyer LAST name][buyer FIRST name]
701 C Ashland Ave
Letter Shop Bay 11
PA 19032

Once WebInterpret receives the parcel at the local hub, the parcel is scanned and identified using the unique tracking number. A new parcel label is printed with the buyer’s address and the parcel is then shipped to its final destination.

How can I pack my items?

If your item is an odd shape, or liable to break easily, it may need some special packing.
Use padded envelopes for sharp edges or odd shapes.Make sure any outer containers are strong enough for their contents
Fragile items shouldn't touch either each other, or the side of the container.
Fill out containers with cushioning material like bubble-wrap or polystyrene chips.
Write a return address on the item.Put a contact name, address and telephone number inside.
Seal securely with nylon or vinyl tape along all edges and openings.
Flatten any sharp edge from staples or metal fastenings, and cover with tape.
Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker, if necessary.

Could I Send Fragile Items Via PF?

Yes you can. We firstly advise you to read the below information about fragile items before sending such goods. Many items that you might need to transport could be classified as “fragile” and will require special care during delivery Fragile items are usually valuable, be it sentimentally or
financially in this case you should have comprehensive insurance cover.

Preparing Fragile Goods for Delivery

Whether you choose a fragile goods transport expert or not, you need to make some preparations before you get delicate items delivered:

Research the actual worth of your fragile goods and explore packaging options and shipping options to make sure your fragile goods wont get damaged during transit.

Inspection: Make sure you give your item a thorough check over. If you’re getting an item off Online shop listed for collection then ask the seller for an accurate description, this way
you’ll be able to see if it suffers any nicks or scrapes during transit.

Get Wrapping: Your glassware isn’t going anywhere without a generous helping of bubble wrap or polystyrene. Make sure that your items are secure in a box where they can’t move
about, and if moving stacked items ensure you provide padding between each layer.
Fragile goods come in all shapes and sizes and require different specialized handling so please make sure that your fragile goods are safe and secure before arranging transport.

To Ensure Your Buyers Parcel Can Be Forwarded, it is Essential that:

A) You DO NOT change or amend the Address generated and supplied for the shipping label.

B) You follow your regular process and print out the labels as they are, including forwarding tracking number

C) The forwarding tracking number is NOT changed or amended on any label, and is clearly visible for the Hub to process.


How Can I (and the Buyer) Track Delivery?

Once the shipment is created successfully you will receive an email with a link to Webinterpret tracking page* containing a unique tracking number.
You can track your parcel by either entering this tracking number on the Webinterpret Tracking page or simply clicking to the link you receive from Webinterpret.

*As we use logistical partners for Webinterpret Shipping, the tracking page will belong to the partner processing the delivery. 



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