Webinterpret Shipping - What Does It Offer & How Does It Work?

If you have an Marketplace Store and sell internationally, then thanks to Webinterpret Shipping, you can now offer your Buyers a Global service, without the stress involved in managing it yourself.

Marketplace Sellers are aware of the resource heavy responsibilities, time and costs around shipping and logistics. This has encouraged sellers to stay local and ignore the increased sales available with cross border trade.

Including the WebInterpret Shipping method next to your own and displaying multiple delivery methods and options can increase sales by 14%!

Thanks to their partner network WebInterpret can provide shipping rates 20% cheaper than an average e-commerce seller, which also allows you to grow your sales. Using Webinterpret Shipping services, you shift time-consuming, complex shipping activities onto companies that specialise in Shipping, Logistics and creating financially beneficial partnerships.

Additionally, their wealth of experience gives them extensive knowledge of shipping-related matters, e.g. documentation or best couriers.

The seller doesn’t have to worry about the international delivery and the buyer benefits from lower shipping costs and has a wider choice of delivery options. It’s a win-win scenario!

To explain the process in more detail, we will show you how WebInterpret is involved in forwarding parcels for our sellers. (If you use Drop-shipping or any 3rd Party Inventory partner, please ensure they are aware and follow the Webinterpret Shipping process as provided.)

This is how Webinterpret Shipping works:

1. WebInterpret includes its delivery options at the checkout in addition to the seller’s existing ones. The buyer then has multiple options available, and in this case chooses one of the WebInterpret delivery options, and places the order as usual.

2. WebInterpret receives the order details and sends an email confirmation to the buyer including parcel tracking number.

3. WebInterpret sends the order details to the seller. The shipping address will be the address of the nearest local parcel forwarding hub, and will contain a specific forwarding tracking number.

4.The seller picks and packs and sends the parcel to the hub shipping address provided.
WebInterpret receives the parcel at the local hub.

5. The parcel is scanned and identified using the tracking number. A new parcel label is printed with the buyers address and the parcel is then shipped to its final destination.

6. WebInterpret delivers the parcel to the buyer and handles any customer questions during the shipping process.

Our latest ''Local Final Mile'' release provides additional support with the last mile courier company which delivers parcels to your (final) address.

This essentially means that once last mile tracking details are provided by the local carrier, we’ll synchronize their tracking and provide it on our tracking page, including:

Carrier Company name
Contact info
Local Tracking Reference

Once information is received and displayed, you can track your parcels progress right to your final delivery address, or alternatively contact the carrier to arrange pick-up etc.

To further provide a more localised tracking experience, information may be available in the destination countries native language, along with contact information for local carrier assistance.

Please note, that this information will only be available once the package has arrived within the destination country ie Package if final delivery address is the US, info will only display once the package is within US territory.

Please also be aware that once the local carrier information is provided, any customer assistance related to final delivery, should be requested thru that carrier directly.

All done. Your customers get a great shipping cost and timely delivery. You get a great deal and all whilst WebInterpret take care of your packages. It’s a Win Win for everyone.
Due to this Shipping Service you can now offer both Buyers & Sellers a truly global service, without the stress involved in managing it yourself.

We cannot guarantee on-time delivery to any seller who does not follow the aforementioned rules.


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    Stephen Pickett

    I have been using WebInterpret for about 6 months now. The main issue I have is the fixed price shipping to the forwarding warehouse. Why can this not be based on weight? If I sell one or 100 products, I can only charge one set fee. This does not make sense. Your final shipping price to the customer is tiered, so why can't ours be?

    Thanks for listening.

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