Webinterpret Shipping - Processing Orders

Thanks to Webinterpret Shipping, you can now offer your Buyers a global service, without the stress involved in managing it yourself. 

How does it work?

Essentially, when a customer orders from you and chooses our shipping service, you send the package to the confirmed Webinterpret Hub Address and we ''Forward'' the delivery onto the customer and final destination. 

(If you use Dropshipping or any 3rd Party Inventory partner, please ensure they are aware and follow the Parcel Forwarding process as provided.) 

At the checkout of your store at point of purchase, your Buyer selects ‘’WI Shipping’’. 

Webinterpret then send confirmation direct to the Buyer including the Tracking Number*

Webinterpret generates an order in your order management software. The shipping address will be the address of the nearest local parcel forwarding hub, and will contain a specific forwarding tracking number.

Once Webinterpret receives the parcel at the local hub, the parcel is scanned and identified using the tracking number. A new parcel label is printed with the buyer’s address and the parcel is then shipped to its final destination.

*To Ensure Your Buyers Parcel Can Be Forwarded, it is Essential that:

A) You DO NOT change or amend the Address generated and supplied for the shipping label.

B) You follow your regular process and print out the labels as they are, including the forwarding tracking number

C) The forwarding tracking number is NOT changed or amended on any label, and is clearly visible for the Hub to process.

We cannot guarantee on-time delivery to any seller who does not follow the aforementioned rules.

For a more detailed overview of how the Shipping Service operates, and how you can enjoy significant savings on your Shipping & Logistics, please see the process explained here.


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    Tender Essence


    Does webinterpret hub deal with he customs labels? 

    How does the hub know what is in the item in order to correctly declare this?

    Or should we add customs labels to everything we send you?

    Best regards,

    Angie at Tender Essence


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