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Getting started using WebInterpret with ChannelAdvisor

Renaud Ludet
posted this on May 18, 2012 09:35

In order for your incoming sales from foreign listings to be visible and manageable from your ChannelAdvisor interface, both your WebInterpret and your ChannelAdvisor accounts require to be linked using a token.

You just need to login to your WebInterpret account and go to the following page :

(or browse through Preferences/Channel Advisor)

You will just need to follow the given instructions.




MyAccount/DeveloperNetwork/AccountAuthorizations is found on your ChannelAdvisor interface :



The profile ID you'll have to set is found by clicking on "Account List"




Please, read and follow carefully instructions until you see the following status on both accounts :

On ChannelAdvisor :




On WebInterpret :



The token is now valid  !

Your incoming foreign orders will be now seen under ChannelAdvisor as "Checkout Direct".

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